May 24, 2024

South African Youth Say Sex is Better without Condoms


With a quick survey conducted, we came to the conclusion that the youth of South Africa, prefer to indulge in intercourse without the use of protection.

The survey was brought to the table, after research proved that HIV has gone higher twice as much, however the youth still stand to their ground on making a decision for them to not use protection during intercourse. Over 80% of the survey participants, say they have no desire to use it for various reasons.

For some reason, many of them gave shocking reasoning that not using it is a way to connect with their partners and show loyalty. They say not using protection prevents both parties from cheating. On top of that reasoning, 40 % of those who replied to it were female who say sex is sacred and would want to connect with their partners and “feel” them.

The males however were not all on the same page. Half of the 40% belonging to the male, say they want and desire to make use of the condoms but their decisions to not use them is because their partners complain of pains and hilariously do not “feel” them during intercourse. Other male encounters just bluntly say they do not use protection and are fine with not using it.

Condoms are free, accessible and made to not easily break as the previous production of condoms. But the young society do not find the interest to use protection for numerous reasons, even though some used religion and said they will only commence in intercourse once involved in marriage.

Ladies who happen to be the 40% that does not see the significance in using condoms, are advised to make use of other available contraceptives, to avoid unwanted pregnancies and use the PrEP pill made available to reduce the risk of contracting the HIV virus, not forgetting to get tested once in a while. All these options are accessible for free at all our government clinics, with more information from qualified nurses.

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