Jun 18, 2024

South African 100m men’s athletes qualify for semi-finals

leotlel sports

Akani Simbine, Gift Leotlela and Shaun Maswanganyi, the trio that took to Tokyo with the aim of flying the flag high. The 100m men’s athletes all qualified for the semi final despite a few disqualifications seen from their opponents.

Shaun started off well with a lead but finished third after Marchell Jacobs took the number one title with the time of 9.94

Akani’s track got off to a rocky start as one of the runners Divine Oduduru from Nigeria received a disqualifiers card. But that did not stop the South African Akani to end off the track with a stunning pull until the finish line.

The young athlete, Gift Leotlela shocked the stadium as he was behind China’s best Su but sprinted to the finish line taking the win a second apart, head first.

The South Africans await to see the flag being raised as the three athletes compete at the Semi-Finals Sunday. There is high hopes after Tatjana Shoenmaker took Gold and breaking the world record while at it. All time best Chad le Clos did not make it and have expressed his disbelieve.


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