Apr 16, 2024

Sophie Ndaba’s son released a diss track about his stepfather, Max

Sophie Ndaba

 The 48-year-old former Generations actress, Sophie Ndaba’s son, Lwandle has released a diss track against his stepfather, Max Lichaba one of south African successful businessmen. Judging from the lyrics of the song, Lwandle Ndaba cited some sturdy words emphasizing how he despites Max.

Lwandle posted on Instagram before releasing the above-mentioned song saying,” when women say men are trash, believe them. Don’t say not all man because you never know who a devil is disguised as an angel, I just never thought that the devil would be my stepfather, hiding in plain sight but operating in the dark, but what’s done in the dark will always come to light. In this track my stepfather a devil, I reveal all that he’s done to my mother, stay tuned for lyric video dropping at midnight.’’

South Africa was perplexed and dazed after Lwandle made all those allegations against his stepfather. He believes that his mother was physically abused, put through depression and used for her money by Max. Ocean L calling his stepfather a Devil and a tragedy  clearly  shows how  he hates Max. Social media has been quiet overwhelming since the recognition of this song, they also reposted and shared their expressions and thoughts.

This young man claims to have been exposed to the abuse and swore to make Max’s life worse than he made theirs, as they had to start from scratch after he took everything from Sophie Ndaba and accused him of cheating and emotionally abusing his mother.   He continued to rap, saying he thanks God he’s not his biological father.” I’ve never seen a wife in pain because a man named Max came along and showed us how dangerous a man can really be,” he raps. However, Max Lichaba dismissed those allegations about him

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