May 20, 2024

Somizi says Unathi should not even look his direction


The friendship between media personality Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi has come to an end with both celebrities, clearing the air to their fans as to where do they stand now. It was clear that Unathi was longing to cut ties with Mhlongo, and sealed it all by unfriending her former friend Somizi.

This came as a shock to many as it know the two have been a pair for quiet a long time, friends who shared a lot together and were witnessed together at many occasions. Unathi unfriending Mhlongo on her Instagram and deleting their pictures led to a fan question why she did all that and her “They are not my friends” response sealed the end of the friendship.

It is not know if whether or not the two will ever work together again but Mhlongo sure says hes not one to take food out of the kids mouth, therefore he will be tolerant and professional but at this point:

“If I have to go work with her, in the same space with her. It’s not in my nature to say it’s either me or somebody else. I’m not going to take bread away from somebody who feeds her kids and family and stuff. I’m going to make sure my space and peace is protected, one. I never want to talk to her again, I never want to speak to her again,” he said.

“I will be professional. Being professional doesn’t mean that when she says something I must agree with her… but I’m going to make it clear before I even start that this person must never even look at me,” he continued.

Unathi Nkayi and Somizi Mhlongo share a long history, they shared  being on Idols SA, as judges for the show. The beef seems to have formed after Somizi’s ex husband Mohale Motaung accused him of physically and psychologically abusing him. Somizi says he thought they were all fine until Unathi “went public” and posted that she will not allow people to listen to American singer R Kelly, who he was convicted of sexual abuse, around her. and linked Mhlongo to the comment.

A fan Instagram questioned her out for having double standards as she is friends with DJ Fresh and Euphonik who were accused of rape and Somizi, wo was alleged to being abusive by Mohale Motaung and that is when, she said she was not friends with Somizi. She also unfollowed the media personality on Instagram. Mhlongo says he will be mature about it but never wants to hear anything from her or to ever see her