May 24, 2024

Update | R350 SRD Grant Approval statuses Disappears “UIF registered issue”


The R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant applicants, woke up to a shock, realizing their approved statuses were now changed to “Declined” as of this morning. This got social media flanked with furious users, using the platforms to express their rage, altogether as one.

Before the sudden change, SASSA issued a statement earlier in the week, stating how about R1 Million rand has been sent out to undeserving applicants. This sparked no attention until the morning saga that took about.

Many declined applicants said they do not know why they were declined as they have not been receiving any means of income, just as SASSA has used “UIF registered” as their reasoning.

SASSA has promised to issue a statement to report on the sudden change and provide applicants with solutions on how they plan to resolve the matter at hand. The unemployed South Africans who applied for the SRD and got declined, are still flocking social media to discuss the issue they find themselves in.

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