May 20, 2024

Slik talk calls Heavy K an emotional girl

Slik Talk

Mzansi’s  youtuber Slik talk well known for voicing out his opinions mostly  concerning celebrities, calls Heavy K an “emotional girl” after the DJ exposed MacG’s  personal contact numbers on his twitter timeline.

MacG  allegedly claimed that Heavy K called  black coffee’s recent  Grammy winning album   “pap” and  the rumors had it that  Heavy K demands an apology from Mac g after he misquoted him on the show whilst  heavy k claims to have no beef with  MacG  but wanted him to clear things up instead on the same platform he used to shame him and he’s already fixed things with Black Coffee so there’s no apology needed anymore.

“How can you be so emotional that you post someone’s real cellphone numbers on the twitter timeline? Heavy K there was a misunderstanding , he misquoted you. Let me tell you something ! we are content creators, we don’t have scripts and menus to read. We speak off the dome, of course were gonna misquote you but for you to post someone’s cellphone number on the timeline shows us how much of an emotional girl you are Heavy K “says Slik talk after seeing Heavy K’s tweet exposing MacG’s numbers

‘’I think we did an interview with heavy k , I even forgot about that interview and heavy k said the album Black Coffee won a Grammy for was Pap .’’said MacG. Something that he claims he never said but was rather given an alternative to choose between the old black coffee and the new black coffee , the old black often used to inspire him a lot ,yet he trusts the new coffee because of the way he does and  calculates everything that he does and he’s been to places he hasn’t been to so he  chose the old black coffee rather than the one who  recently won Grammy’s..

Heavy K also reposted his interview with MacG on his twitter account saying he will never allow  people to lie oh his name  or make him something that he’s not to push their narrative . he recently posted that he is not beefing with Mac G , they’re on good term.