May 20, 2024

Slik Talk: “Bonang Matheba looks like a 2nd hand 2005 Toyota Corolla”

Slik Talk

Justas may thought he has taken a break, Slik Talk is back and on Bonang Matheba’s case, on her recent picture posted by Mihlali Ndamase. According to Slik Talk, Ndamase posting the image was an indirect message to say Bonang should make way for the new generation.

“Bonang Matheba looks like a 2nd hand 2005 Toyota Corolla” the highlight of the clip was Slik talk comparing Ms B to a second hand car and former public protector Thuli Madondensela. Slik said a lot and a lot was agreed by his viewers. Slik say Mihlali was using social media to tell her “friend” to drop the ball and leave the court to the younger ones which in this case is Nihlali herself.

Not so long ago, Mihlali wrote she is grateful she was born in money unlike those who only experience the riches now. With her posting the picture, Slik says Mihlali knew what she was doing, looking at it with a purpose eye to say the make up and beauty influencer and business woman was just showing shade.

The public agrees with Slik Talk on all aspects of his point, for one they all agree that Bonang looks older than her actual age and what Mihlali did was a spiteful deed. Slik Talk may be loud and annoying, but the public stand with his view on what Mihlali did.