May 20, 2024

Slay Bhinca | Social Users Defend Waitress over R10K Bill

cultural sinesifiso

After the passing announcement of Sinesifiso Zondi, known to the public as Slay Bhinca, a R10K bill allegation rose, after a waitress from News Cafe Wendy Zungu, did a live video on claims that Slay Bhinca and her fiancé, left the restaurant without settling a bill worth R10 000, to later get involved in an accident and pronounced dead.

A debate took place with social media users, with many asking that the waitress respect the family at the time of grieve, while others felt the bill should be paid and that the waitress did no wrong. Another “media statement” was released, reporting that it is indeed true the pair went to News Cafe, however as guests who were invited by friends, suggesting that the waitress was using the deceased name for clout, giving her 12 hours to apologise with another live video.

Slay Bhinca

However, many are calling for the family to also resolve the issue, and not leave the waitress to face the consequences, after he however tried by means to locate the people who were at the table, only to find the couple was was involved in a fatal accident. Many are now asking that the waitress is helped and not left to pay the R10K bill with her salary.

Slay Bhinca