May 20, 2024

Skeem Saam script writer given a week to arrest Khwezi

Skeem Saam

Load Shedding frustrating Skeem Saam viewers who get to miss out the fire week episodes everyone praises. Viewers are calling on the scriptwriter to see that Kwezi is arrested, giving them just a week before they personally contact Peterson with the information.

Lately Skeem Saam has been a talk of the town, from Monday to Monday. From hating Paxton to falling inlove with the #PreHasa storyline which ended in tears, viewers are loving the Khwezi storyline but also calling for justice. Going through comments, one would swear the viewers are sure everything is real and not scripted. And With Khwezi one step ahead every episode, tension rise as viewers keep loving Skeem Saam but hating when things go south.

The show is fire and the climax in the story lines, keeps viewers off their couches, 2 minutes to throwing the TV remote to the screen but thats exactly what they like and hate at the same time. Many are hoping that Lehasa’s uncle will tell Peterson about what he knows and transpired prior to Khwezi’s return, also hoping they take a look at the CCTV footage to confirm Khwezi’s version of who came in first. “The CCTV footage can prove Pretty came in the apartment with Lehasa. His uncle already knew Lehasa’s plan with Pretty and that Khwezi was leaving. There is no murder weapon with Pretty’s fingerprints. They can easily prove Khwezi is lying. They must not play with us.”

Truth be told, viewers are happy with the amazing turn around the Script Writer is giving them, one climax after the other.