Jun 18, 2024

Skeem Saam Portrays Public Destruction of Significant Properties

Skeem Saam portrayed on scene the two event that took place during the week, adding a character of a “Mara Why” unidentified individual who destroys the Welcome to Turfloop board with a spray paint

A number of the Mzansi for Sho Skeem Saam soapie viewers, caught the messages skeem saam is tryng to send out with a “Mara Why” unknown character who destroyed the town’s welcome board sign with black spray paint. Viewers linked the scene to the two fatal events that took place during the week involving Zandile Mafe (Parliament arsonist) and Paul Makaula (ConCourt Window Smasher).

During the scene, we find the youth and the before generation separated into two. The young say they do not see anything wrong with a young person publicly expressing their rage using freedom of speech and the old saying this is pure criminal act.

Throughout the soapie discussions on the matter was witnessed with the character of the head of the hospital reminding viewers of the incident that happened years back in Mpumalanga where a couple lost their baby on the way as they were lost looking for a hospital after the sign directing to the hospital was vandalised. He played the part of an individual who understands the frustration but also alerting of the consequences this may cause to the innocent.

Viewers are anxious to see who is behind the “Mara Why” character after Charles Kunutu as per usual knew who to blame, and this time the Charles kunutu blame finger was pointing at Koloi Shivhambu.