May 28, 2024

Skeem Saam | Could Khwezikazi be pregnant with Lehasa’s child?


The sudden illness of Khwezikazi on Skeem Saam has left tweeps Jaws wagging, with many assuming that Khwezikazi could be pregnant with Lehasa’s child after Thursday’s episode.

With viewers asking more of Lehasa and Pretty’s scene, as they assume that Lehasa doesn’t have the kind of connection with Khwezi. Pretty and Lehasa recently rekindled their love affair which is set to hit another stumbling block, as things might take another twist for the two lovers.

Khwezikazi has proved that she’d do anything in her power to keep Lehasa all to herself, as she’s previously kidnapped Pretty over Lehasa, and she won’t hesitate to do it again to keep her fiancée and marriage alive.

Fridays teaser reads :
“Pretty and Lehasa’s recreation of a steamy love affair is disrupted by another woman.” The teaser could simply mean Khwezi might’ve spotted something odd about Lehasa’s movements and she’s onto him as he appears to be dragging his feet to finalise Lobola negotiations.

Monday’s teaser reads:
” Khwezikazi goes on a rampage.” The soon to be Mrs Maphosa could possibly have found out about Pretty and Lehasa’s fling.