May 20, 2024

SK Khoza: “I dont remember anything”

SK Khoza

South African actor SK Khoza during a radio interview, says he does not remember anything that transpired the day he was alleged of being “bewitched” by baby mamma known as Dr Maweni. Khoza says at this point, everything is blare and all he did on the videos shown to him, he cannot recall or explain why all that was happening, even though reports were made of him, alleging he claims to have been racially attacked, and the lodge later dismissed the claims made by Khoza.

Khoza has been trending now and then, and was recently on the most trending for a sex video he leaked and pictures of having opened an only fans account. The actor also asked to be left alone, adding that he is currently happy, being seen partying and sharing moments where he sings and enjoying the night life. During the radio interview, Khoza alleges the video is old and was taken over a year ago, saying he is currently on a journey which he cannot at the moment say much about.

Fans were rather happy to see him back on the screens and is said will be making a serious come back to television. Since then, no report has been made on Khoza having used his only fans account as of yet, or posted any more eye blocking content on his social media. He says he is however grateful to his ancestors, parents and everybody who showed him support during his time of distress.