Jun 22, 2024

SK Khoza Causes Public Scene – Social Media Users in Shock Over the Debacle

SK Khoza

Social media has erupted in a blaze over the surfacing of a disturbing video in which ‘ Former The Queen’ actor, SK Khoza is seen verbally attacking a nearby man, hurling insults and profane language at him. Nearby onlookers captured a snapshot of the fiasco, seeming both shocked and amused by the actions of the out-of-control actor.

SK Khoza, who played the role of ‘Shaka Khoza’ on the popular late night South African soapie, ‘The Queen’, is captured on video by onlookers, acting in a very disturbing manner, running around barefoot and screaming at the top of his lungs. In the video, which is now making its rounds on social media, Khoza approaches a man, who appears to be some sort of security personnel and flings various insults at him. Khoza can be heard saying to the man, “You fat ass motherfucker, you don’t know me!”

Another man is seen entering the confrontation and tries to stop Khoza, to which the actor resists and rebuttals, “Hey, voetsek”, yanking his body away from constriction. Shortly afterwards he aimlessly circles the man he had initially targeted and jumps around in one spot, as if he had lost all decorum.

At this moment it is unclear if Khoza was intoxicated with any substance or was having some type of episode, but it is clear that the beloved actor was not in his normal competent state of mind. While some social media users are making fun and light of the incident, with one tweet saying, “This guy single-handedly ruined his career, his life is following”, others are coming together to pour out their sympathies and support for the actor, with one tweeter saying, “Dear SK Khoza, I hope you find help, whatever demons you fighting, may you overcome, you still have a lot to offer…May God heal you and open doors for you”