Jul 20, 2024

Sizwe Dhlomo tweet angers Mzansi tweeps

Sizwe Dhlomo

Twitter finds Sizwe Dhlomo’s tweet insulting after the radio and tv presenter made some remarks on a tweet that Mzansi tweeps found offensive.

Sizwe Dhlomo is known to be a prominent figure on twitter angering tweeps every few months, he has done it again after making Mzansi twitter angry by his remarks of how waking up early in the morning makes opportunities available.

The Kaya FM radio presenter tweet analyzed as saying South AFricans miss opportunities because they sleep too much and wake up late during the day. In his tweet Sizwe states how being any early starter makes opportunities available.

Mzansi tweeps stated that he has no idea what average South Africans go through in this country with high unemployment and lack of job opportunities.

A normal South African mentioned how she has 7 qualifications and still works as a cleaner in ther private sector because of lack of opportnities that Sizwe claims Mzansi citizens miss them because they wake up late.