May 20, 2024

Sister to Kelly Khumalo Leaves Jaw Dropping After Posting ‘iKwela’ Lyrics

Zandile Khumalo iKhwela

Zandie Khumalo-Gumede sister to singer Kelly Khumalo, shocked many and left social media mesmerized, after posting lyrics to her new song ‘iKhwela’ which many lead to many concluding she might be the witness Advocate Malesela Teffo was talking about.

“Sengihambe ibanga elide,angisaphindeli emuva mina ngizondwa abantu abaningi ngakini namabhungu angakini angithwesa inganono”

“Mina ngithi isikhathi sokushaya iKhwela sifikile nithini nina? Alukho Usuku olungafiki phela alikhale”

Zandile and Kelly have in the past made the public aware about their differences, shooting post at each other and Kelly even went further to say she was divorcing her sister. and now with the two having songs that are “sort-off” sounding as though they are attacking one another, certainly got the public hawked on the situating and concluding Zandile may be the witness said to come forth and allege Kelly shot Senzo by mistake.

Kelly Khumalo a few hours ago, also posted a video, singing along to the new single that will be out in July, called “Bazokhuluma”. People are saying the sisters are acting suspicious with the timing of their releases and the songs they have been releasing since the death of late Pirate goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa, who died 26 October 2014.