Apr 18, 2024

Single Parenting | A New Pandemic In Africa,

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This is a story about a single parent, who has gone through a lot in life due to single parenting. Many parents around the world struggle to raise their children as a result of single parenting.

Single parenting occurs as a result of a brave decision to become one, or of a divorce and annulment of marriage. An increase in single parenting, particularly among women, has become a global concern, as existing evidence continues to show that single motherhood is associated with increased poverty risk, poverty reproduction, and other negative outcomes that affect the well-being of single mothers and their children.

Single parenting is undisputedly a threat to children’s psychological and emotional well-being. Because of the ingrained culture in African society, it is heavily stigmatized in Africa. It is always assumed as a conventional norm for a woman to stay in her husband’s house for the rest of her life, regardless of the difficulties she may face, it is considered strange for a woman to return to her parent’s home or to remain single by caring for her children alone. This law denies single parents basic societal respect and dignity.

Such an act deprives single parents of some basic societal respect and dignity. This is quite the opposite of how single parents in the western world are being assessed. The circumstances that lead to single parenting may range from conflict, abandonment, and natural disaster(death). The adverse effect may be at a minimal level or the view of the people may be very light if the cause is natural such as death.

The Affect It Has On Children

The adverse effect of this phenomenon is always in children. It can even affect a child’s development, future, career, and behavior.

They develop negative behavior because they cannot be cared for by both parents, and most of them become aggressive, caused by lack of parental affection.
Africans or non-Africans should reconsider solving parenting before settling for the single-parent option because of the negative effects it has on children.

Most single parents in Africa are unable to obtain the assistance they require from the father of their children. They feel trapped beneath a mountain of responsibility that never allows them to spend time with friends, let alone find another companion in life. Often feel guilty about things such as money because they can’t provide for their children and the time she spends away from them, as well as guilt about the fact that she can’t provide for them.

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