Apr 18, 2024

Should We Be Concerned About DJ Sbu ?


Mo Faya “founder” and distributor Dj sbu (Sbusiso Leope) has been trending on socials for his new look, that left his fans in wondering if his mental state should be questioned or is just him being impulsive.

With a new look of growing dreadlocks and beard, and by all that has left his fans with so many questions If his might soon end up like the Savannah advert Hugh Masebenza, who’s been seen wondering the streets in the past weeks.

Although, others don’t see anything wrong with the new makeover, just like as it has with many influential rappers, the likes of Jay-z, J-cole, and Kanye west who didn’t just change his appearance but the initials, which also led fans suspicious but have now forgotten all about it.

DJ Sbu didn’t end it by growing his hair, he even posted his picture while hugging a tree on the picture which has been trending on twitter he quoted that “hug a tree once a day to connect with nature or walk barefoot for some time”. But that lit more fire into the smoke to some of his fans who believed that his actual loosing it, while some find nothing wrong with it.

Be on the look out as he will be releasing a track called ‘Maru a pula’ 12pm with NFT collaboration with King Debs.