Jun 15, 2024

Should Political Leaders Take Part in April Fools Day | Musi Maimane


01 April is known as April Fools day, a day where tricks and pranks are allowed, but should political leaders and news departments take part in such?

It was a joke when Action SA leader Herman Mashaba tweeted that Former DA leader Musi Maimane will be joining ANC. Earlier in the day, an announcement from Radio 702 came about, informing the public on their guest Maimane who will be talking everything on his future in politics.

Herman Mashaba tweeted about the alleged news on Maimane Joining ANC and has said so live on Radio 702. The Joke was understood, however it escalated when a news publication reported on it. People felt disrespected by the publication as this is far from journalism ethics, which is to report news that are accurate.

April fool has lost its touch, people have lost the interest in making such jokes or even entertaining them. Years back people would take extreme measures, faking their deaths, leaving behind suicide notes. As time passed the excitement to participate is such faded, and it seems as though, journalists have now joined in.

Maimane has calmed many down to say they should relax such would never happen. The act left questions of should or should not media platforms take part In celebrating April fool, and now many are wondering if the judges ruling on Bathabile Dlamini sentencing is actually true.