Should Ayanda Thabethe Miss SA finalist worry about Ayanda Thabethe?

Ayanda Thabethe

The Miss SA Top 10 list is out at with one of its finalists named Ayanda Thabethe, whose name has been on the public eye but for different reasons. Her looks were also compared to and many claimed to have found a number of similarities.

The well known Ayanda Thabethe was accused of seeing a married man who is not the father of her new baby. She issued a statement from her lawyers in attempt to clear her name and announce that everyone involved in smearing her name will be charged for defamation of character. Ayanda Thabethe

The public had a buzz with finding out one of the Top 10 Miss SA Finalist, shares the same name as surname as the Thabethe whose name saw a couple dips in the mud. Thabethe the finalist says she’s not threatened by the finding and believes in her beauty and personality.”The 22-year-old from Maritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal believes her captivating looks and personality will help set her apart from her namesake.”

When asked if she thinks her name will deter her from wining the competition she responded in saying “No, not at all. I believe that through this Miss SA journey people will be able to differentiate between me and the Ayanda Thabethe they already know. They will be able to attach a label to my name, such as the one from Miss SA or the model, so I’m not too worried about people not knowing who I am.”

The Miss SA Top 10 Finalists, will be competing for the Miss SA title on August 13 at Time Square, Pretoria. It does not however come as a surprise to find people sharing the same name and surname as it very much common within the Zulu culture and not know each other or be related.

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