Apr 18, 2024

Shocking Weather destroys bridge causing road to close in Tembisa


The amazingly shocking weather conditions that were witnessed throughout the country, destroyed bridge between Winnie Mandela and Hospital view, vandalising a portion of the country with its scary floods.

Hail, floods, storm, rain, lightning, those are the words residents are not happy to hear every time the weather is on. Hail and rain covered the town of Klerksdorp in Northwest, with a storm destroying Matlosana Mall and some schools, not leaving out the Anncron private hospital out, covering the facility with hail.

Hours later, the Golden Walk Shopping Centre in Germiston Ekurhuleni, experienced flooding, destroying clothes and other things in stores the night before Black Friday. It was rather a slow black Friday for the mall when Shoprite was closed in the morning with their staff trying by all means to try and clean out the water caused by flooding as it was also affected by it, however later in the day they managed to open.

Reports were also made of lightning that claimed 10 lives.  But those weren’t also the affecting stories, there’s plenty, recently a bridge between winnie mandela and hospital view collapsed due to floods, causing the road to close. Residents are concerned about this as some put blame on poor infrastructure but many residents came to the defence and reminded them that the bridge has been there for many decades now surviving many floods.

This weather was rather an odd one that put a hold to many businesses, george town in Cape Town is still recovering after it was swallowed in water causing residents to flee their homes for safety. The sad mentions are on the reporting of people who lost their lives due to these weather conditions South Africans witnessed.