Jun 15, 2024

Shocking Rain Destroys Cabbages before its January Demand

If you thought next year 2022 you will stock up your cabbage as usual, chop and fill up your fridge, think again. Rain has successfully destroyed a number of cabbages leaving suppliers with no stock.

Picture this, at this moment street venders have beautifully set out their fruit and veg with watermelons lined up perfectly on the ground. Now as per usual December is for watermelons and the month of January you fine cabbages being the ones perfectly line up on the group but this year 2021 may have bought unsatisfactor

It was heart breaking these last few months with hail storms destroying property and crops, many people were left without homes after the storm blew their housed beyond repair, leaving them with the worry and stress of rebuilding. Going home these holidays became a sorrowful one as they had to arrive home to a place that was no longer home.

Now on top of that the hail weather and heavy rain accompanied by flooding’s, destroyed crops as much as they destroyed building. Local farmers are distraught with the fact that they will be out of stock when the year starts. Cabbages will follow on the footsteps of shortage regarding potatoes, however it is not just cabbages, man that are on the ground and also some that grow up the tree have also been destroyed for the rain.

Farmers request that when we pray for rain, we should also ask that the rain be not be as hash to the plantation as it has been this past few months. SA residents are ready for the day and thoughtful that the presidency has announced a on the 23:00 movement of people restriction.