May 28, 2024

Shireen Essop Safe, Community Wants Answers

Shireen Essop

Shireen Essop back an safe with family, however the community wants to know what happened. Essop was rescued after missing for three weeks and is said to have been kidnapped and held in captive until family paid ransom.

Members of the Klipfontein Mission Station Neighbourhood watch, found stranded mum Shireen Essop, at the BP petrol station. The members say they witnessed Essop requesting help from two police officers who were buying coffee and when they ignored her, the members stepped in to help, only to realise she was the missing woman.

“When we first saw her she walked like a zombie, you could see she was traumatised, but by the time she left, she thanked us .” said Rochelle Ackerman, who is also part of the neighbourhood watch. The community sayd they are happy she has been found, however they would like to know why she was kidnapped and if it is linked to the mob justice case of Abongile Mafalala who was falsely accused of kidnapping two girls.

What got the public interested in wanting to know is that they helped searched and prayed for her safe return, but also because when rescued Essop said when dropped off she was told she was not the intended person. “(She said) they gave her money and told her to walk towards the BP garage, they told her that they were letting her go because she wasn’t the intended person.”

The community says the issue seems troublesome and doubtful, and with the family quiet, they are growing suspicious.