May 20, 2024

Shein rubbishes allegations over “help me” messages on tags

Shein has responded to its consumers on the help me messages found on the tags of their clothes, that many have misunderstood as a cry for help from manufactures who work for the company.

The retailer has rubbished the allegations and reassured its consumers that the on going trend on tik tok with people sending clips of items showing tags that reads “need your help washing this with a soft detergent” is nothing but a misunderstanding from their clients who purchase Shein clothing. In a video below, Shein explains how the message found in an underwear item, is an old image shared in 2015 by ABC News Channel from a Philippian company and a few from other countries and not Shein.

The company has requested that people stop spreading false information which will damage their reputation but instead inform and educate the people with facts. Shein has mentioned they take no part in child labour, or any other manual forced labour rubbishing alligations users make in saying the company may be using children to work for them with others alleging that retail companies like these may be making use of kidnapped children.

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