May 24, 2024

Shamba holdings publishing none-financed books


Mike Shamba, a young French speaking man aged 30, a manager at a company by the name Shamba Holdings (pty) Ltd, also owning a PR and Marketing firm.

He holds a qualification in Mechanical engineering obtained at Vaal University of Technology. Shamba Holdings focuses on publishing and distributing books not only locally but internationally.

In order to get where he is today his journey wasn’t an easy one because after his graduation he went in job hunting, struggled to get employed, but he never gave up leading to the involvement of different social activities where he was running motivational activities in different high schools.

Along the process Shamba decided to write his first book, and because he lacked funding, his book never got published but that didn’t put him down either. The setback became a learning experience which pushed him to gather information on how to self publish the book. This made him realize that there are so many people with passion in writing but their work doesn’t get recognition due to lack of finance.

As a result to the research done, he decided to start a self-publishing company in 2017 in order to respond to the challenges many writers face, his company ensures affordability, quality and a fast service delivery of projects. As the company grew, Shamba realized that publishing books alone was not enough, so he made up his mind to incorporate a PR section to the business, to help authors build long lasting brands to establish themselves in the industry, by providing them with branding, marketing and distribution solutions.

Shamba believes that authors who sells more copies are those who have a strong brand, as such the stronger the brand, the greater the sales. The company has developed an online bookshop, which helps various authors sell their books online. Shamba Holdings has so far managed to publish over 200 various books from local and international Authors, PR and Marketing hosted in the company helps companies and individuals build a long-lasting brand.

They conduct marketing research as well as increasing their visibility by using various media platforms such as Radio, TV and newspapers and even online platforms. Nonetheless the PR business, doesn’t only help authors, but also helps different businesses brand and market their products or services.

For more info: Instagram: @mike_shamba Twitter: @mike_shamba Facebook: Mike Shamba Tel: +27(0) 79 079 2169