May 20, 2024

Senzo Meyiwa Trial | Mosia Says Scene Might Have Been Compromised

Senzo Meyiwa Trial

Forensic Police Officer Thabo Mosia, taking a stand at the Senzo Meyiwa’s murder trial, says he was made aware of the incident, four hours later and that may have been a gap for a potential contamination.

According to Mosia, delays that happened at the time could have led to the crime scene being compromised but believes the scene was not contaminated. Testifying on a murder case that transpired in 2014, Mosia read a statement that he wrote, which was only four years after the crime took place in 2014. In the statement, he detailed on how the scene may have had the potential of contamination, during the collecting of evidence at the scene.

However even with the statement, Mosia says when the incident happened, he didn’t suspect any contamination of the scene. But initially so, he also told the court that he believed the scene might have been contaminated, as he was called only four hours later, with an instruction from Brigadier Ndlovu, to head straight for the hospital, who said he wasn’t in position to provide him with the address.

Forensic officer Mosia says the crime scene address was not yet made available to him, hence he first went to the police station to request for the address where the murder happened. Even so, Mosia says he does not regret writing down the statement.