May 20, 2024

Senzo Meyiwa Murder Trial | “Why was Chicco Twala called first”

The public is drolling in confusion, post the interview Zandile Khumalo had with the media. Coming to learn that Chicco Twala was called first and what was said during the call?

Having wondered what happened to the murder weapon and then realizing a change of scenarios from everyone who had a say regarding the case, Mzansi shifted the blame game from Kelly Khumalo to Longwe Twala, involving his father Chicco Twala whom they say should answer as to why he was called first and what was said through that call. Allegations of the murder weapon belonging to Chicco Twala and Longwe being the shooter, is making waves on social media. With the case not nearing its end, conclusions and speculations are made by the public.

Zandile Khumalo shocked many when she said the person who should be looked at is Senzo’s wife and mother who said she will make sure the wedding does not happen. Now heads are spinning with “what a 360 turn is this” coming from someone who was in the room and “put pressure on the wound” as stated during the interview. She questioned why wasn’t Mandisa questioned, or her phone confiscated just as theirs.

The case has been in the public eye for long, with people having to raise their concerns and opinions about the case. When Advocate Teffo suggested a witness will come forward to say, “Kelly Khumalo killed Senzo by mistake” and now with him off the case and Meyiwa family  (his now clients) saying the accused are the right people to arrest, created confusion.

From blaming Kelly, the public is now saying Chicco Twala and his son should be looked into.