Jul 21, 2024

Seabe | Senior Citizens Queue to Cast a Vote


The community of Seabe Mpumalanga went out in their numbers to cast their vote in choosing the candidate to work for their community.

Long queues are being witnessed all around voting stations to make the change preached out during campaigns. In Dikotelo Middle School, the queue at the voting station was flooded with the elderly even though special votes took place this past weekend for the elderly and disabled.

A handful number of young residents could be spotted in the queue but did not overpower the number of old men and women occupying the chairs placed outside the voting station. Although the heat was unbearable, that did not stop the community of Seabe to come through in their numbers.

Senior citizens have shown the understanding of why their vote is important but the senior citizens in KZN sat under the trees in voting station, promising to not vote after it was allegedly reported by voters who first went in that the councillor, they wish to cast their vote for is not on the ballot paper instead they came across a face of a candidate they have no knowledge of.

According to reports made throughout the day, the number of young people coming forward to vote has increased triple time the estimated number. IEC has issued a sit in statement with various news reporters to update on the process and based on Mamabolo’s response, the IEC is happy with the way things are going and has mentioned on a number of arrests that have taken place. One of the arrests is of the Newzroom reporter Ziniko Mhlaba who was later released after the IEC intervened, an investigation will be opened to determine the cause of the action.