Jul 20, 2024

Seabe Floods | MICO Lends a Helping Hand


The community of Itsoseng Section in Seabe village, Mpumalanga were close to being the second flooding disaster caused by improper drainage, designed to prevent flooding. Thapedi of MICO updated community members of the situation as they attend to hand a helping hand to save families from encountering further water blockage and flooding in their yards.

“We’re at Itsoseng Section, literally experiencing a disaster. Our people are under seige, the storm-water drainage system that we thought it will undermine floods is not assisting. Dr JS Moroka Municipality Executive Mayor must visit this poor village today, to see what the masses of our people are going through.” read one of his posts.

Thapedi Sekoba with his members along with community members sought to fix the problem before escalating to further damage. The team gathered with shovels to dig a new path to direct water in different direction, lowering the flood level in certain areas. the elderly community members were amongst the team as they were affected from the flooding. Many had to walk on the slippery mud to access areas they wish to head out to. https://www.facebook.com/100000557722986/posts/5521470151214854/?sfnsn=scwspmo


Phomolong section was not spared from the flood. People are frustrated as they suggest the municipality should offer assistance in lowering the level of flooding and unblock or monitor the water drainage built inaround to take in rain water. It seems as though more sections of Seabe village such Leseleseleng and Lehabane were also affected by the weather.

The community is urging for the municipality to look into the storm or rain water drainage system and fix before they experience heavy rain which will cause more deadlier floodings. The situation in KZN has stressed out South Africa as a whole with people looking for methods they can use use when such ever happens to their hometowns