May 24, 2024

Seabe | Epic Shut Down Event On Time for Festive Season


Looking for a place to get into the festive mood with party vibes this weekend? The festive season is near, bookings are made, what will you be doing this weekend?

Seabe will be packed to the max as a platform was created by five youngsters of the community who want to provide a space for local upcoming artists and deejays to create entertainment and a social circle, they will get a chance to share the stage with well-known DJs.

The ‘Epic Shut Down’ a place where the vibe is promised to the people of Seabe and surrounding areas. A combination of urban entertainment and the Ville entertainment, with a chilled social circle that accommodates everyone that will attend the event, with also a line-up that will cover different kinds of genres from your trending piano to the expensive piano.

Music completes any event, whether a gospel show an art show any kind of show, music is the heart of every event and at this one, expect plenty of it. “Soulful deep house and deep house in general for house heads a bit of Gqom there and there, commercial house music, afro and hip hop hopefully with a special performance by Gee flame which is an upcoming local hip hop artist to look out for.”

‘Epic Shut Down’ has well-known and local artists lined-up the likes of Joe k, Mo Heat, Kgauza, Thaps at large, to perform just to name a few and a number of well-known DJs in the Pretoria entertainment scene, with the likes of damage control, drum Guy called Afronikk, DJ Hebbydaiz and a few more.

This event comes with a strict age restriction of 19 years and above as it’s going to be a night event. Food and variety of alcohol will be sold and made available at the venue, patrons will be allowed to bring their own cooler box and there will be specials included on the alcohol. Merchandise will also be sold by different local brands that approach organisers but not any epic shutdown merchandise this time around.

The event will be allocated and separated with three different chilling areas. The General Access will be free to entre which will have most of the space, The Golden Circle will be the area around the stage with benches and shade, If possible a braai area for patrons to use at the golden circle. The VIP will be separated from both general and golden circle with a sitting area and access everywhere, the parking, separate toilets and other features that will be added.

Because of the setbacks that took place in the previous planned event, that led to multiple things going wrong, this time around the organisers say they have learned to value the importance of putting a lot of time in planning the event. What they did differently is involve a few local entertainment pillars in planning and getting advice on what to change and add to have a successful outcome.

“As a team we would like the public to know that the epic shutdown movement is for the people. We do it out of love and to create, shape and put 0417 on the map and we not making any money.” said the organisers. The 5 members organising the event, are not getting any sponsorship to host it, therefore they concluded in pocketing out to finance the event themselves but they say they would have loved to have received financial assistance to create this event.

They say this is more of a pre party to what they have planned for the festive, they see this event as a way to say thank you to their loyal patrons and show that even though they are not cutting it financially but that they are still for their partnership in the movement.

What they have in store for the people is yet to be experienced at the event. The epic number one promise they have is “Entertainment beyond average will be served, new acts will be discovered, people will meet new people and we are operating.”  People are encouraged to still follow the covid-19 protocols and have fun in a safe environment.