Jun 15, 2024

Scientists studying sleep problems have found that 30 – 40% of couples sleep in different beds


Spouses should sleep separately or on a very wide bed for its good for their mental and physical health. Good sleep provides healthy environment in the family.

It is said that if you want to keep your relationship strong, make sure you sleep well. Most of relationships fall apart because the partners don’t have enough sleep leading to mental and emotional fatigue, scientists said.

Couples that sleep on the same bed are likely to divorce, than those who sleep separately. Most of the general public comments did agree with the scientific prove that actually couples who live apart, their relationship is healthy and can endure more than those who live together.

One reader said “I can testify to this, the relationship between myself and my partner was strong and healthy while we leaved in separate houses, once we moved in together we started experiencing problems and lacked communication.”

The other said she and the husband have been living happily together until they had children as they required more of their time and they couldn’t do the things they used to do before together as a couple.

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