Apr 16, 2024
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Schools set to re-open on Monday

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The Department of Basic Education has announced the re-opening of schools from Monday, 26 July 2021.Secondary schools are expected to continue with rotational functioning, while primary schools are scheduled to normal schooling from Monday 2 August 2021. The new opening dates were announced after the extension of level 4 lockdown.

School governing bodies, teachers union and federation of governing bodies of South Africa, believe that primary schools have fallen behind on their curriculum. “They are expected to continue with the rotation time table but primary school level from 2 August are requested to return to the normal time table” said Elijah Mhlanga spokesperson for the Department of Education. The department is monitoring the situation closely, Making sure schools are still adhering to the covid19 rules and regulations.

The initial target of vaccinating staff members was 592 000, however 500 000 were vaccinated making it a huge success since some educators were reluctant on taking the vaccine. According to the South African democratic teachers union spokesperson Nomusa Cembi “Teachers will feel more secure to go school” because they are now vaccinated.During an interview with eNCA on Wednesday morning about the readiness of schools reopening, she further explained that some teachers were doubting and hesitating to vaccinate due to personal reasons and beliefs but the roll out plan was a success.

Due to the unrest that took place last week, some staff members did not get vaccinated and it was also reported that 139 schools were looted during the riots. The department of education director general Hubert Mweli has ensured that construction project for affected schools will be implemented.

The department is confident that it is ready to receive learners and teachers back at schools.

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