May 20, 2024

Scelo Mbokazi Biography, Age, Education and Cause of Death

Scelo Mbokazi, Ukhozi FM news reader

Scelo Mbokazi was a veteran SABC Journalist and a newsreader on SABC radio station Ukhozi, he spent lots of time off air due to ill health, it is not known what kind of sickness he was suffering from that caused him to take time off air.

Scelo Mbokazi used to broadcast together with DJ Sgqemeza on Ukhozi, he was from Mtunzini in the north coast of Kwazulu-natal. Colleaques described him as light hearted and jovial, he was known as “The arch” resident priest in Ukhozi fm studios. He passed away on Friday 10 June 2022. Mr Mbokazi held a qualification in Journalism, leading to his long term career with South African public broadcaster the SABC.