May 27, 2024
Employment News

Scam Alert | Fake Job Opportunity in Germiston

A fake job opportunity is currently on the rise in Germiston CBD Ekurhuleni. Scammers have lured a number of people astray, after many unemployed people repeadly seeked an unknown workplace at the GoldenWalk Shopping centre.

A post on Facebook regarding a job opportunity with a job description meant for people between the ages 20-40, South African citizens and willing to start immediately. The office is. Laimed to be front opposite Cash Crusaders, which proves the ad to being fake as it is a kids playground front opposite Cash Crusaders.

Many have bee roaming the GoldenWalk Shopping Centre for the past two days, looking for a place that does not exist called Kordz. Staff members are worried that the scam may lead to uncalled for acts that’s destroys South Africa. The fake vacancy doesn’t however ask for any money, but fear is still there with wondering eyes and ears if this may be a new stunt to mug or even worse.

Anyone with more details and information regarding the fake vacancy is more than welcome to share, and save the lives, money and time for the unemployed who travel to Germiston only to find the place doesn’t exist.