Savage Beauty now streaming on Netflix

Savage Beauty

Netflix South Africa has dropped yet another commendable series. The new drama series is filled with vengeance, dark secrets, and family drama.

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Based on the series, Fifteen years ago, the founders of Bhengu Beauty experimented a dangerous and illegal skin lightening lotion on a group of street kids, which harmed their skin and left them with everlasting emotional scars. The series revolves around one of the two survivors seeking vengeance for their sister’s death.

Rosemary Zimu, who plays Zinhle, embarks on a journey to avenge her sister’s death by destroying the Bhengu family by revealing their darkest secrets and tarnishing their reputation.

The determined young lady will go to any length to revenge her sister’s death. Lives are lost in the process of destroying the Bhengu family, but she refuses to give up. The glamorous family always has a strategy in place to hide their dirty laundry and deal with bad publicity.