May 20, 2024

SASSA takes weekend off |“self-exclusionary-response-found”

SRD R350

With many “self-exclusionary-response-found” on the R350 SRD statuses, Sassa takes the weekend off due to maintenance. Declined recipients eager to appeal, it seems they will have to wait until Monday 27 June for appeal applications.

This time around, not only has application processes changed with test provided, even status responds come with different this time, and one catching peoples eye, attention and worry, is the “self-exclusionary-response-found”. Sassa has on its social media platforms, provided explanations for each response sent out, while attending to the the delay on their end (website maintainance).

Applicants have for two months, waited on payments. Sassa applications processes are advanced with many  complaining to not having enough knowledge of the new system set up. The organisation has also taken intensive measures to monitor financial backgrounds for applicants double checking for any source of financial means.

Declined applicants who wish to appeal the outcome result will have to wait for Monday as Sassa promise to have their website fixed by then. Sassa