May 20, 2024

SASSA SRD R350 recipients advised to reconfirm application

SRD R350

Recipient of the R350 SRD grant are encouraged to reconfirm application every three months on the SASSA website, this comes after many could not see July appear on their status check, however once reconfirming application, July appears with a pending result.

Since the beginning of the second rollout in April, recipients have not been happy with the process being used to cater for them, with misunderstanding of communication from SASSA  as well. New meanings of results are been experiences and many find it hard to understand what their results mean and having to lose interest in appealing the decisions, even though the organization continuously urge people to appeal decisions before 90 days.

On a weekly basis, SASSA attend to media houses for question and answers session, giving recipients a platform to ask questions. Even with the session, due to not having access to that kind of information, recipients are left behind in knowing a way forward and in having knowledge with the changes. Those who wish to apply for the R350 SRD are urged to do so, and recipients also requested to reconfirm information and do the test to change answers they wish to change.

Currently the battle is the website going down and recipients not having knowledge of what has change and what is going on.