May 20, 2024

SASSA Leaves Beneficiaries’ In The Dark

The South African Trusted Grant Provider SASSA has left its dependents in the dark, most especially since the beginning of Covid-19. A lot has changed in the system, developments have been witnessed, directing dependents to make use of the internet as they are now using a website and WhatsApp platform to assist applicants.

The change in dates have produced both a positive and negative impact, moving the dates to a week later in a month, has delayed many payments lapsed credits, however it has also reduced the unbearable queues recipients had to endure every 1st of the month.

A lot of developments are transpiring, SASSA relies on their website to attend to those in need of assistance which now causes confusion when it comes to the R350 SRD relief fund released after Covid-19 to assist unemployed residents in the country. Recipients of the SRD were ordered to reapply for the funding and not many are aware of the reapplication just concerned April was not paid.

The website has made it difficult to reapply after the outcome of their reapplication comes back as “failed” at the end of submitting. The government has not yet guided people on how apply or if they should give the site a chance to ease overloading the website. Recipients feel this is a way to reduce the number of people benefitting from the government through SRD, as many are failing to get the reapplication done.