May 24, 2024

SASSA | Child Beneficiary Grant Gone AWOL


First it was the R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant, causing buzzing chaos from applicants. And now it is the SASSA child beneficiary grant receivers who took to social media, with confusion as to what is going on.

Beneficiaries claim to have not received their payment for October, some even mentioning how they haven’t received it for both September and October. The 07 October  2021 was date set for the recipients of the child beneficiary grant to collect the money, after it was decided by SASSA that due to Covid-19 and its restrictions, the receiving date was changed from the 1st of every month, to dates released monthly by SASSA to separate the elderly, disability and child grant.


Angry SASSA beneficiaries flocked to social media to express their distress on the SASSA page, demanding clarity as to what is the real cause to the matter at hand. Information was doing the rounds on the matter saying the system had technical issues and the matter will be solved by Friday, while others say they received the money using the First National Bank (FNB) ATMs to withdraw cash, and some saying they got it via Shoprite cash back transaction.

Other elderly and disability grant recipients say they also faced similar issues and have till to date not received the money. The SRD R350 applicants are also awaiting further information as to when will payments start going out and fixing the appealed declined statuses.

In the meantime, applications for Educational Assistant temporary job posts with the Department of Education are still open with extension leading to 10 October 2021. Also the South African Police Services (SAPS) is believed to have applications open, interested applicants can access the SAPS website for further information.

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