May 20, 2024

Sasha Banks Unfollows WWE on social media


The one part of wwe tag team womans champions Sasha Banks has unfollowed a number of wwe officials and the company social media pages days leading to her walkout at wwe Raw. This fuelled her walkout as having been a continuous issue between herself and the wwe.

Sasha Banks has been one of the top performing wwe superstars for years now following in the foot steps of her role model and former wwe show stopper Eddie Guererro. Though Sasha Banks is yet to explain the reason behind her wwe walkout, it is alleged that the superwoman has had issues with wwe management for a while now.

It has come to public attention that Sasha Banks has unfollowed her boss and wwe chairman Vince Mcmahon, Becky Lynch, The Usos, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on twitter days before the Raw walkout. She is curretly only following few wwe superstars, John Cena, Naomi and few others.

It is said that Naomi and Sasha had issues with wwe plans for the main event on Raw where they were supposed to face four other women in a six challenge, the challenge was meant to determine the number one contender for Bianca Belair womens champion. The match was later changed to Becky vs Asuka.