May 20, 2024

Sasha Banks and Naomi Suspended indefinetly

sasha banks suspended

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has suspended wwe smackdown womens tag team champions Naomi and Sasha banks after the pair walked out last week on wwe Raw, the pair are said to be suspended indefinetly.

Wwe commentator Micheal Cole announced on Smackdown that the two have been suspended and there will be a future tag team match to determine the new tag team champions. The contenders for the new tag team champions is yet to be announced. The wwe is also yet to announce what kind of match would it be.

Naomi and Sasha bank left the wwe tag team champions in the office of head of talent and relations and walked out of the wwe, the two haven’t yet explained the reson between their walkout. Sasha and Nami were set to take part in the main event where the winner was supposed to face Bianca Belair for the wwe womans champion.

Sasha and Naomi are suspended indefinetly meaning its unknown if the pair will ever return to the wwe or they will be fired after the disciplinary hearings.