Jun 18, 2024

SAFA hand in Bafana Bafana V Ghana FIFA world cup qualifier report to FIFA


SAFA provided an update on the Bafana Bafana-Ghana world cup qualifier report on Wednesday, 17 November 2021,in a media briefing at SAFA house.

SAFA president, Danny Jordaan, Analysis expert, Ace Ncobo, Bafana Bafana head coach, Hugo Broos, Bafana Bafana players, captain Ronwen Williams, Rushine de Reuck, Teboho Mokoena and Ethan Brooks were all present at the briefing.

The president of the South African football governing body [SAFA], Danny Jordaan, revealed that upon completion of Bafana Bafana’s world cup qualifier against Ghana, SAFA registered a complaint to the match officials on various matters relating to the match and place the matter of suspected match manipulation before FIFA for further investigation.

“This match [Ghana v South Africa] was a very decisive match, where Ghana only had one option but to win. If Ghana loses this match, there will be major socioeconomic problems even for the president of the country. There were also other numerous reports stating that Ghana would receive two penalties or at the very least one. Then also that this is a must-win match for Ghana, now these things could be just patriotic reporting but we have also asked this to be investigated,” said president Jordaan, as per Bafana Bafana.

“As we know this was an extremely decisive match and anything other than a win would be enough for Ghana to qualify. So we are asking FIFA to investigate all of these things for the integrity of the competition,” added Jordaan, as per Bafana Bafana.

President Jordaan further asked FIFA to look at possible betting spikes which may have been influenced by the match referee’s possible intent to influence the outcome of the match.

Bafana Bafana head coach, Hugo Broos, also shared that he felt his side were going to lose after 15 minutes of the match had been played as he believed the match referee was biased against South Africa. “After 15 minutes [on Sunday] I said to my two assistants ‘Forget it, Ghana will win this game’,” said Broos, as per Bafana Bafana.

According to Match analysis expert, Ace Ncobo, the independent investigated conducted as requested by SAFA, an astonishing 91% of the incorrect decisions made by the match referee in the world cup qualifier match on Sunday went against South Africa.

All the Bafana Bafana players present at the briefing shared the same sentiments as they felt Bafana Bafana lost unfairly.