Jun 22, 2024

SABC Intruder Shot | Hawks Investigating the SABC Bloemfontein Intrusion


Investigations on the shooting of an intruder who broke into the SABC offices in Bloemfontein is handed over to the Hawks.

An intruder was found within the SABC offices in Bloemfontein and shot on scene after the security found him and encountered the vandalism the intruder caused on the office walls and on office stationaries and utilities.

On the walls, the intruder wrote threat messages and interfered with the broadcast satellite.  During a quarrel with the security officials where was shot and wounded, unlawful equipment’s were found in his possession and seized by the hawks and the police bomb squad unit.

Christopher Singo, Hawks Provincial Spokesperson says, “The suspect is at the hospital and under the guard of police. From now on we are investigating this case. We are going to interview the suspect but nothing was taken from the SABC and no one was hurt. It was only the suspect who was shot by one of the security officials. We are investigating this matter.”

An investigation to determine if this incident is related to the threat message sent and posted on Lesedi FM page is underway. Lesedi FM had earlier received threats of the place being bombed or burned and the graffiti message on the wall that said, “next time it will be a Booom!!” raised suspicion of relation to the case.

This is the third building vandalised by a citizen in the month of January. The other two suspects are under police custody and undergoing court proceedings (the parliament arson and the Constitution Courts window smashed). Information of when the suspect will undergo court proceedings have not yet been released.