SAA welcomes a new CEO


The current interim CEO of South African Airways, Thomas Kgokolo’s term will be coming to end as he has to leave the position to make way for the new CEO. John Lamala will be taking over the CEO of SAA as from the 1st of May 2022.

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Kgokolo is a Chartered accountant, businessman and corporate executive, that was appointed in April 2021 on the basis he becomes the interim CEO of SAA when they exited business rescue. The airline was failing tremendously due to political interference, how weak the rand was and bad leadership.

Their money problems were so severe that even their employees were not paid and the airline didn’t have enough capital to keep planes in the air. SAA said in a statement early this evening “Since exiting the business rescue in April 2021 SAA has made significant strides in improving revenue and reopening services both locally and regionally and is now fully focused on its transition to control by its envisage majority shareholder, Takatso Consortium, which will take 51% stake in SAA later in the year”.

The leadership team, lead by Lamola is ready to fulfil SAA’s strategic goals, to ensure the airline can go back to its former glory.