Jul 21, 2024

SA Terminates National State of Disaster to Better Economy?


Since the National disaster earlier  in 2020 , safety measures/ restrictions had a negative impact on the country’s economy which led to people losing their jobs and poverty to strike. Does the termination of national disaster ensure better economic growth or change?.

President Ramaphosa  in his speech urged people to take responsibility of  their health and health of others. He mentioned that people must be cautious and vigilant, futher  encouraged the country to get vaccinated against COVID 19 as it is the best defence. @Cyril Ramaphosa tweeted,  “The end of the National State of Disaster is a firm statement of our determination to live our lives and rebuild our country even as this virus remains in our midst.”

Will everything now  go back to normal , including fuel prices?, will there be more jobs created ?. “Now is the time to grow our economy and create jobs. Now is the time to get our country back on track. Now is the time to heal, to recover and to rebuild” Cyril Ramaphosa said