Jun 18, 2024

SA Requests J&J and Pfizer to Suspend Delivery of Vaccines


South African Government has asked the Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer Inc should suspend delivery of the Covid-19 vaccines after it was discovered the current stock is enough for rollouts.

The country has brought to the attention of the vaccine supply to pause distribution as the current stock available proves to be enough ahead of the possible fourth wave expected this festive season, with about 35% of adults fully vaccinated after the six-month period we have been under since the first dose arrived.

As of Tuesday alone, about 120 000 people have been vaccinated which id only a half of the daily peak. According to Deputy Director General of the Department of Health Nicholas Crisp says about 16 million doses are available in the country which is about 150 days at present consumption. “It makes no sense to stockpile and risk expiry when others are desperate for supplies.” said Crisp

This decision comes also after the government was criticised earlier in the year for its slow pace in vaccinating after a huge peak during mid-year and also contributing to the discovery that most of Africa still sits at shortage of doses after countries that could finally afford stocking up vaccines, rushed to the opportunity.

The government has urged SA citizens to avail themselves for vaccination rollouts to avoid such acts from happening whereby delivery has to be put on hold due to residents who are still relented in taking the vaccine as requested by the government. Meanwhile, Old mutual has made it mandatory for their staff to get vaccinated if they wish to keep their jobs.