May 27, 2024

SA defend Aaron Motswaledi From Mmusi Maimane’s tweets

Aaron Motsoaledi

Former DA leader Mmusi Maimane as always took to twitter to trash on a minister but this time around, tweeps came to defense and requested he back off.

Maimane tweeted that the health care in South Africa is a shame and Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi, is to blame for leaving the health department in a deteriorating state. “Fellow South Africans. Our healthcare is collapsing. Doctors and nurses are leaving, Dr Motsoaledi left a mess and conditions are deteriorating. We must preserve this sector, a collapsed healthcare will serve no one. Let’s stand together and Rebuild SA.”

In no time, many came forward to the defense of the minister, saying Maimane seems to not understand that the minister was fighting on illegal immigrants giving birth more than SA woman does and that even in his current position his fight still lies with illegal immigrant. “It is collapsed by millions of illegal immigrants, not Motsoaledi. You were sitting comfortably in parliament when doctors and nurses were all over the radios expressing their unhappiness and how illegal immigrants were making things difficult for them.” @ally_blackpower