Jun 18, 2024

SA Calls for Banning of Bolt


Many are calling for Bold to be Banned from operating in South Africa after cases of rape kidnapping and murder and even theft, comes to light.

This has been an ongoing struggle for citizens who have been victims of such brutal acts from Bolt drivers.

For years it has operated and for years complains of lack of safety has been popping up. The app has upgraded to what they call “safety rides” however features that made riders feel safe have been eliminated such as having to choose your own driver. Recently a girl was raped by an Uber driver by the name Emmanuel, leaving her half to death while a group of girls were close to being kidnapped before they managed to escape from the moving vehicle, leading to their injury.

Bolt has issued a statement indicating their cooperation with the South African Police Service (SAPS) regarding the recent cases of Bolt drivers criminal activities.

“We understand the frustrations you’ve shared with us in the last couple of days. We want to assure you, the issues you’ve raised are under investigation. We’re supporting SAPS with all the info and assistance required.” says Bolt

Riders have complained of drivers who don’t look like their pictures, also having to deal with rude drivers with behaviours no one will tolerate. Bolt drivers have also been sharing clips of riders who request and do not want to pay for the rides, which ends up physical.

A trend to end Uber and Bolt in South Africa has been put up after a girl was raped and strangled to her near death, sparking flames to the already wound SA has when it comes to crimes committed by Bolt and Uber drivers.

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