Jun 18, 2024

RiRi Finally Puts Some Clothes On


For the first time since her pregnancy, Rihanna was spotted covering the bump not in her now usual pregnancy bump revealing clothes.

The RnB multi award winner announced her pregnancy early February 2022 in a pink winter open jacket and astonishing beadwork and has since then never covered the bump when in public. She was witnessed for the first time wearing a leathered plush dress that actually covered her baby bump.

Although her fans were happy about the pregnancy, celebrating with her on her journey as a first time mum, however discomfort from fans evaporated due to having to always see her not covering the belly, even when the weather seemed to be way cold to have it revealed.

Not long when she was spotted with a thin laced black dress or outfit that looked like a lingerie, Rihanna’s fans were not as appealed sending out comments of understanding the excitement for her first pregnancy but also not understanding her decision to not consider healthwise consequences that come with walking almost half naked in the cold, with a pregnancy belly.

Seeing her clothed gave some a little hope that showing off the bump will be a thing of a past, while many are curious as to what will she be wearing next, will she go bag to bump revealing clothes or take the advice from fans and cover up for the sake of the baby.