Jun 22, 2024

Rhythmic Elements Decade Silence

Rhythmic Elements

Hello Mr, Lesson No 1 and Mr Uptight hit makers have for over a decade been silent, not releasing any songs since 2010 when they finally departed. Rhythmic Elements have since 2006 compiled songs loved by many.

This group Mckenzie Matome and Master T,  produced songs that healed souls, played mostly at weddings and parties as the songs carried messages of showing love, jealousy and life challenges. Mostly it was intoxicated people who would relate more to the song, if the song is linked to what was currently bothering them in their lives.

It was alleged in 2010 that the group did not see eye to eye, which they later confirmed to be true. Their music was still played years after that but lost its stronghold on people. Their songs were only played here and there almost to not played at all. In 2018 the group thought of coming back together and released an EP called Reconciliation, however it did not have an effect in their music career and again went AWOL.

McKenzie was later spotted and has underwent the journey of being a traditional healer. He said he first knew when he went to initiation school that he is not a sangoma but a healer, which manifested through music as their song healed many. It is clear that their music was the right direction towards the journey. Master T also went his seperate way and not much about him has been brought to the media.

In 2020 when one of their band members Vuyo TK passed on, only Mckenzie took to his Facebook to pen down a condolence message and none was heard from Master T who went deep into the AWOL. In the recent Lesedi FM has been playing their music here and there leading to many sending questions as to what happened to the Kwato group that gave them great music. The group sand in setswana but we’re loved by everyone. One of their songs that was loved and easy to sing along to was Mr Uptight. https://youtu.be/SroSsSAz5eI