Jun 15, 2024

The community of ward 22 in Kanana are requesting for an immediate action from the leaders of the area, regarding illegal dumping site that has been there since the longest of time.

Residents are calling for leaders to start fulfilling the empty promises made time and time again. They request a sudden intervention on cleaning up the community and fix its infrastructure as well, all in the name of service delivery for the community.

With politics service delivery is one factor that leaders struggle to meet and accomplish due to greed and corruption that leads to little finance for service delivery. Such service in South Africa is a basic need that for years has been difficult for leaders to accomplish as a task.

High unemployment rate and yet no service delivery, one could wonder why government has not looked into increasing the rate at which they deliver service by employing more youth in order to reach all the areas in communities.

In the beginning of the month, Kanana also witnessed their waste not being collected for weeks on end, the municipality on Monday issued out an alert to residents of Klerksdorp that they will start collecting waste during the week. That brought little hope to resident of Klerksdorp, however in Kanana, residents are rather sceptical and worried about the illegal dumping site getting worse.

Other residents are also calling on each other to not make use of the illegal dumping, especially when they can make use of their own waste bins. A follow up article will be made on an update regarding the illegal dumping